2023-2024 Semester 2

Educational Principles, Strategies, and Practice for Enhancing Instruction is meticulously crafted to empower educators with the knowledge and expertise required to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of today's dynamic classrooms. This comprehensive course equips teachers with invaluable skills for organizing, planning, and evaluating instructional objectives, fundamental cornerstones of the teaching-learning process. Its overarching goal is to cultivate a heightened sense of purpose in instruction, aiming for elevated levels of student-learning success. The course places significant emphasis on three key pillars: (i) fostering and sustaining an optimal learning environment through effective classroom management and discipline, (ii) selecting the most appropriate instructional objectives and outcomes, and (iii) employing a range of versatile methods and techniques for effective content delivery.

Moreover, this program offers a structured framework for teaching both declarative (knowledge-based) and procedural (skill-based) knowledge, while fostering habits conducive to lifelong learning. These habits encompass self-reflection, micro-teaching (small-scale teaching practice), and the integration of peer feedback. In doing so, this course is designed to bolster teachers' comprehension and application of cutting-edge core concepts essential for enhancing instruction, thereby driving advancements in student learning within the classroom.