This course is intended to provide educators with the theoretical understandings needed for their professional development as well as for achieving competence within the instructional environment. The creation of a truly professional cadre of teachers within our society requires more than familiarity with the latest and best pedagogical instruments. This program deepens the teacher’s consciousness of the larger civilizational goals and values to be realized in the transference of knowledge and the impartation of technique and function, while encouraging a culture of self-reflection and critique. The course explores the assumptions underlying major traditional and contemporary philosophies and theories, contextual modifying factors of the 21St Century and their influence on educational goals and issues in education including, nature of student, role of teacher, curriculum emphasis, teaching methodologies, and social functions of the educational institutions/school. It critiques the philosophies and theories from the Christian perspectives. It sets out to furnish meaningful insights into what transpires in the teaching and learning environs as opposed to what is postulated and proposed from the philosophical and associated theoretical bases and current forces of the Caribbean community and world societies.