The cross-transaction between the child rights imperative and the legal responsibility requires school managers to foster and maintain a safe school environment for students and all other school personnel. The notion of a ‘safe school’ must emphasize both ‘Preventive’ and ‘Responsive’ strategies, which will ensure that measures are put in place to prevent traumatic incidents, as well as effectively treat them, once they have occurred. The social and emotional climate within the school must, therefore, provide a safe haven which will facilitate learning. The effective management of critical physical and psycho-social incidents in schools is assuming major importance today. Undoubtedly, a school-wide behaviour management plan is necessary. Teachers are required by Circular Memorandum to appropriately manage behavioural and social issues in the classroom, and to provide students with humane psycho-social support. This course is designed primarily to meet the professional needs of graduate students who are practising teachers or who are preparing to become teachers in the secondary school system. It seeks to provide teachers with the knowledge of:- legal and human rights responsibilities, policies and protocols for child care and protection, a model for providing psycho-social support, preventive and responsive strategies for managing social and behavioural issues in the classroom.